MK0206 - light green M.
I really loved the quality, postage came a week earlier than expected which was good. The colour and design was everything I expected, it was beautiful. However one issue is that I'm thin but tall so this monokini was a little out of place because I'm probably taller than the size it is made for, only from really stretching to the maximum and tying very tight I can manage to cover both too and bottom. Not a huge issue but I suggest maybe to let customers know the height range especially for monokini. Besides that issue I really loved the monokini.

Sadly the women's swimwear did not have size S. I could fit the swimwear but it was a little bit loose, both top and bottom so my suggestion would be to get size S for your swimwear. Besides that, everything was good, quality and colour was amazing.

Overall the swimwear was pretty much good because the quality and colour is everything I imagined it to be. However just some issues on size but it is probably because I'm thinner and taller than average.
I will definitely buy from you guys again! Hope to see more different designs!


Testimonial By: Cheam Kai Han
Tuesday 03 January, 2017